Silayukti Temple

The Silayukti Temple is one of the four oldest temples in Bali. When Hinduism came to Bali more then 1,000 years ago it were four priests of the Majapahit Dynasty from Java who were spreading the hinduism, they decided to all go to a different part of bali and in the eastern(kangin) part is was Empu Kuturan.This high priest from Brahmana caste started with strong and deepĀ  meditation at this location, which was the inspiration to built this temple.This sacred temple lays on a hiltop with beatiful view of white sand beach and the ocean. Silayukti Temple complex, as a matter of fact consists 3 main temples, namely Silayukti, Telaga Mas and Tunjung sari Temple,It is an Interisting morning trip to go hare and feel the Hindu spirit.